Tips From the UK for Getting Your Small Business Noticed Online

Posted by: Brendan Considine, Mailsolve Limited, Dydacomp Affiliate

Mailsolve Limited is the sole U.K. distributor for Dydacomp’s M.O.M. and SiteLINK products with close to 40 years of experience in mail order, multichannel and eCommerce industries.  Over the years we have gathered the knowledge and expertise to help businesses grow with a focus on ecommerce solutions.

We see hundreds and even thousands of websites that our customers have created and are using to promote their products.  We’d like to share the following musts for getting your business noticed online.

1. Always optimise your website to improve rankings in the top search engines – on a regular basis,  revisit what words or phrases are used to get to your site – then be sure to use them

2. Feature high quality, text-based content with an eye on video to feature top selling products

3. Give stuff away – shipping, products, services, if possible

4.  Hold contests or competitions to get visitors involved

5.  Upgrade your connections – increase the number of high-quality links on your site

6.  Get noticed on the right hand side of the page with Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising campaigns

7.   Advertise on blogs or online magazines – these offer niche targets and generally lower costs

8.  Make it easy to spread the word and encourage visitors to share your content – one click should be all that is needed

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