Videos Help Increase eCommerce Orders and Grow Online Sales

Posted by: Fred Lizza, CEO

We all know that YouTube and other popular video sites enable you to upload and store targeted videos that you can easily share with others.  We’ve seen the cute puppy antics, dancing babies, flash mobs and great sports moments, but did you know that using videos can help you attract a wider audience, increase your eCommerce engagement, and grow your Sales with more online orders?

YouTube has become a top search engine ranking right after Google with more than 2 billion views happening every day.  In fact, sessions at this year’s Internet Retail Conference (IRCE) cited an Alexa Internet ranking of YouTube being the third most popular website in the world, following Facebook and Google.  If you’re not using YouTube or other alternative video sites to promote your business, then you’re missing a great opportunity to reach and engage top customers and prospects. For online shoppers, watching a one minute video requires less effort than reading a web page or product description and has a dramatic impact on buying decisions.

With its low cost and wide reach, videos offer a perfect outlet for small to medium businesses.  All that’s needed to get started is a video enabled smartphone or digital camera along with a dedicated video channel.  Most of the sites have online videos to help you set up your own channel and get started posting.  Some even offer free video editing capabilities that are easy to use even for novices if you don’t want to invest in video editing software.

Here are 4 quick tips to help you leverage e videos to increase eCommerce engagement and grow your online sales and orders:

  1. Have an objective for your video to accomplish (i.e., provide product information, testimonial, how-to, education, or company overview)
  2. Use your unique knowledge of your market’s audience to make content interesting and personalized
  3. Create an outline or script to keep you focused
  4. Use a tripod to keep the camera or phone steady and good lighting to make it easy for viewers to see you and/or your products

The ability to provide video to your customers and potential customers can serve as an important sales tool for your products and gives you the ability to reach a wide audience inexpensively and effectively.  You can show how your product works, what features make it unique, why people should buy from you and a host of other mini-advertisements and how-to’s all geared to marketing your company and product(s).  An added bonus is videos go a long way toward aiding search engine optimization which will help to get increased exposure for your company.

At Dydacomp we’ve put together more than 2 dozen videos highlighting our Multichannel Order Manager (M.O.M.) order management system; from a general overview to integration with SiteLINK and other online storefronts.  Our videos give viewers a real hands-on look at our software capabilities and benefits.  Take a look at what we’ve created, go to and check out our video library to give you some ideas for your own YouTube productions.

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