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Landing Pages

A ‘landing page’ is the web page that visitors see when they click on a link to visit your site. Often, the landing page is a link from another site or a search engine. It can also be the website’s home page. It is intended to lead the visitor to a specific place on your website so that visit can more likely be converted into a sale.

Increasingly, landing pages are designed to bypass the typical home page so that the visitor’s attention can be focused on a particular offer and so that the visitor doesn’t wander around – or away from – your website.

So, if your SiteLINK or other store has got direct links to what you sell on your site, either through a search engine, pay per click, or other integrated Internet marketing effort, keep these tips in mind when designing a landing page:

· Know where the visitor has come from and tailor the landing page
for that source
· Design the page to look like the rest of your site
· Avoid distractions by keeping the information to a minimum
· Focus only on the offering by minimizing links

Because you never have a second chance to make a first impression, properly designing a landing page when you choose to use them in an effort to boost the visitor to order rate is critically important

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