What an Order Management System Can Do for the Magento Merchant

Posted by: Laura Hills, VP Marketing, Dydacomp

Managing an eCommerce platform is no easy task and keeping up with all of the demands – customers, orders, shipping, billing, inventory, pricing – can be a challenge.  Utilizing the appropriate tools and technology to help manage the gaps between the front-end customer experience and the back-end merchant experience is essential for success.

If you’re using Magento as your eCommerce platform, it encompasses your eCommerce store(s), your website design and customer experience, along with marketing functions, the shopping experience, prices and promotions, order placement, plus payment and customer information.

Now how about your back-office experience?  Is it well managed and efficient?

An order and inventory management system confirms that an order has been verified for fulfillment, determines the status of inventory (on-hand, or backorder, custom or stock?), optimizes shipping choices based upon location and expedites the pick, pack, label, and ship functions along with a host of other back-office tasks such as handling returns and accounting system updates.  A multichannel order management system takes all of this into account across a variety of shopping channels. The eCommerce platform and the order management system intersect in several areas including orders, products, customers and inventory information.

To learn more about how your business and your site can benefit from integrating a fully functional order management system, access this latest webinar that was developed just for Magento merchants; Order Management for the Magento Merchant.

This on demand webinar, presented by Dydacomp, a Magento Gold Industry Solution Provider, addresses:

  • What is Order Management
  • The role of Order Management in eCommerce
  • How an Order Management System bridges the gaps between the back office and the Magento eCommerce platform

To access this on-demand webinar click here.  Magento registration is required to view the webinar, but it’s free and easy to register!

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