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Posted by: Paul Mendelsohn, Director of Implementation

Three Reason to Consider Upgrading to a M.O.M. XL SQL Solution

What is SQL? SQL stands for Structured Query Language and is the world’s standard database platform. Microsoft SQL Server is used by the large business edition of Multichannel Order Manager, M.O.M. XL, to provide the power for advanced order processing. M.O.M. XL adds high-end refinements to the powerful and popular feature set of the Enterprise Edition of M.O.M.

The three main issues a business should consider when deciding whether to upgrade to M.O.M. XL are:


M.O.M. XL /Microsoft SQL server allows your IT technicians real time access to your database tables without requiring exclusive use of your M.O.M. system. This unlimited access to the M.O.M. data allows your IT team to update your data tables without the risk of corruption or loss of data integrity. Databases can be “published” to another server for reporting with the use of replication. If your business is growing and becoming more demanding in terms of technology the M.O.M. XL solution is the one for you.


The stability of your files in M.O.M. is related to your file sizes. When files grow to large sizes in M.O.M. Enterprise data can become corrupted, resulting in the need to ‘re-index’ your FoxPro system during your business day. This re-indexing process requires exclusive use of your M.O.M. system effectively stopping production. M.O.M. XL is built to handle larger files sizes and will create a bulletproof database with no file corruption and no need for re-indexing (in SQL, indexes are a physical part of the file).


M.O.M. XL can create extremely large sized files, compared to M.O.M. Enterprise, which has a 2G table limit. If you consistently process 500 orders a day or more, XL is more suited to handle your volume. Order volume will create large files, as will a large amount of inventory. Stock record sizes will increase as more details are added (descriptions, images, etc.). With M.O.M. XL, file size will never be a concern.

Do you feel like it’s time for your business to upgrade to the next level of M.O.M.? Click here to find out more information about M.O.M. XL.


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