Why You Must be on Amazon

Posted by Laura Hills, VP of Marketing, Dydacomp

If you’re looking to grow your eCommerce business in 2013, you must consider selling through Amazon® Marketplace.  eCommerce expert Lisa Suttora feels strongly that Amazon must be a part of your business model. The numbers just don’t lie. Amazon is the 10th most visited site in the world and the 5th most visited site in the United States according to Alexa.

Lisa Suttora points out that:

  • Amazon Marketplace sales currently outpace the growth of both eCommerce and eBay
  •  Amazon’s sites bring in more unique visitors than any other online retailer on the web
  • This past year, 20% of the World Internet Population visited an Amazon site

Visitors to the Amazon site spend approximately 38 seconds on each pageview and a total of ten minutes on the site during each visit. And they generate approximately 250,000,000 visits per month according to eBizMBA. And now the stat that should hit everyone – 38% of all Amazon retail sales are by 3rd party online merchants… and this continues to grow each quarter. Imagine if your business could capitalize on that.

No matter how successful you are, you just can’t beat Amazon. Amazon Marketplace gives you the opportunity to reach over 173 million potential new customers, extend your geographic range, build brand awareness, and increase overall revenue.

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