Why You Need Effective Retail Promotions

Posted by Laura Hills, VP of Marketing, Dydacomp

When it comes to retail promotions, one thing that all the experts agree on is the importance of incentives for online shoppers.

comScore, a leading research firm, showed there is a clear correlation between consumers’ use of free shipping relative to both the dollars spent per order and the overall growth in online spending versus last year.

When retailers offered free shipping deals, average order values climb significantly and positive spending growth versus year ago. But when some retailers pulled back on free shipping deals, average order values declined and the week experienced negative growth versus year ago. Customers spend more with incentives such as free shipping, percentages off based upon spending thresholds, and so on. 

You can take advantage of numerous sales channels to help you appear much bigger than you are – be everywhere!  You should match the channels you participate in to the target customer segment, such as: Amazon for value Shoppers; Pinterest for Social Shoppers; and Direct Mail catalogs for older loyalists.

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